Please note: I am currently on hiatus until 2020 and working solely with those who have received Earth Walk Readings prior to support the alignment underway in the lives of many.

A rare reading with Myra based on your incarnational blueprint – your natal astrology chart. There are a natural set of choices contained within your natal chart. To know of these choices, is to find your connection to your self, the divine, and your unique contribution to life. Life is an ongoing journey and to be here now is precious.

This is a reading that weaves together the themes seeded at the time of your birth. The palette of natural choices selected to aid you in living on purpose.  We will look at the specific energies chosen to guide your walk through this time of transition and into the Aquarian Era. Please note your birth time, birth place and birth date in the comment area when you place your order.

An audio of the reading (typically 6-8 hours in length) will be provided for download and a 30 minute consultation session is included to insure your questions are answered.

Once you receive your reading, download your files immediately. Then, listen to the reading the first time in a deeply receptive mode. Many share with me, that they listen to their EarthWalk reading several times before contacting me. Therefore, I recommend that you jot down your questions on the second round of listening. When you are ready, write to me to schedule your 30 minute follow up session.

Due to the shift in full, I am no longer offering developmental coaching related to EarthWalk readings. I am re-tooling the nature of my services to support the needs of humanity as we traverse across the threshold. If you have worked with me in the past, you will be notified when the new portal of activity is in place. For those who register for the Across the Threshold series by February 28th, 2017, you will be invited to the monthly celestial and planetary energy review calls through August 2017.

Thank you for taking an interest in bringing your unique facet of consciousness into the world at this time!