The Vessels of Peace – a group of women honoring the Divine Feminine have sent this inspirational message to their community of supporters and into the world. Today, we celebrate their service and their victory.

Dear Vessels of Peace Community,

For seven years Vessels of Peace was a small, active organization helping women awaken to the Divine Feminine as a pathway to inner and outer peace as well as holding space for the emerging feminine consciousness. In 2010, with the phenomenal growth of groups working with this energy, we realized our service as spiritual midwives was complete.

We had no idea what would emerge from our metamorphosis, but the image that was given to us recently was of thousands of small lighted boats (vessels) setting sail on a river or ocean, carrying their lights to unknown places.

Each Vessel of Peace is now set free to sail wherever she chooses, close to shore or far away, dispersing peaceful energy, interacting with other boats, and stopping for awhile wherever more light is needed. An organization is unnecessary. The light is carried within each woman. We serve and then move on without even leaving a path.

The website will continue to support all who are drawn to this work for “Divinity, Humanity, Earth.” At some point it will morph into a simpler site containing only our core practices to support women and men in becoming vessels of light and peace. The LightPages site and current functions (bulletin board, calendar, and member search) will be retained as long as they are used.

Everything is in motion now for so many in the world. ~~~ Where is the current carrying you? ~~~ Where is your light needed? ~~~ Will you be onshore or moving?

The important thing is to keep your light burning steadily.

This is the final communication from the former Core Circle. We release our leadership roles and jump into our lighted boats, ready to set sail. Blessings to each of you, and thank you for your service as vessels of peace in the world.

May Her grace flowing through each of us uplift and transform the world.

Peace, Om Shanti, Salaam, Shalom