A cherished painting that speaks to my heart by artist, environmentalist and friend, Claudia Sobrevila

From my window, a most moody spring day is unfolding. Since well before sunrise, I find myself entranced by the forces of nature on display all around me. I live in a wooded neighborhood in Potomac, Maryland where deer, squirrels, and the winged creatures are abundant. The ‘stink bugs’ are back. They appeared on the east coast after hitchhiking on a freighter train from China. I have spotted them in greater numbers with the emergence of spring. Today the mix of green and coppery pink in Gaia’s landscape is showing up everywhere: in my dreams, in two birthday gifts that came to me on Sunday, and in the birds that came to the feeder this morning. Are these truly signs of the new frequency robes embracing Gaia? Is the coppery pink tone here to assist our awakening onto the path of the heart? Or has this coppery pink been here all along and the only change is in me? My answer to this question is both of course. I am more aware of this pink-coppery hue since my friend Raquel pointed it out on a walk along the Great Falls while hiking on New Years Day. My sense is that it is more alive within the sentience of Gaia and thus more accessible to us all. We see and experience, what she sees and experiences.

As I reflect on Gaia’s landscape, my awareness returns to my mother incessantly. An event of indelible impact came while visiting my mother in a Palm Springs hospital and finding her alert and at peace with passing into the next life. My heart burst open seeing her last week. She has never been at that place, her fear of dying was so strong prior. To experience her peace deepened my own peace and at that moment, I knew our precious moments had been well spent. She is the perfect mother for me. In the past two years, we spent with each other, I was reborn into the greater womb of the feminine and the power of that rebirth is providing the fuel for this stage of my journey. We moved beyond the protocol of mother and daughter toward the recognition of two souls with great love for one another and for the Divine. She reached what she aimed for — peace and non-attachment to this life. I cannot convey fully to you the impact of this experience on me. It was liberating for us both. What a joy and a gift that I could witness that fully in her and with her. Now she can live her life with greater presence and peace. My heart opens still further each time I reflect on the experience.

This all corresponds to reaching 40 days and 40 nights on my JuiceFeasting journey and the surprise I am feeling having lived on veggie juices and the power of these luscious green juices to detoxify my body, end my menopause symptoms, and send me into my own personal second spring as a woman. I am feeling juicy and abundant. I feel as if I will go for the full 92 day juice feasting protocol. My commitment was for 30 days, yet it has been such a game changer for me that I am continuing onward. I began on a New Moon, so have used the moon phases and Agni Hotra fires to set my intention and empower my efforts. On the Full Moon of April 17th, I will assess my next steps with regard to my juice feast.

I must thank my friends at Shanti Yoga for the beautiful produce flowing into their CSA program and the spicy mustard greens that add so much panache to my green juices. Their CSA collaborates with a bio-dynamic farm using the principles of the venerable Rudolph Steiner.

Several other key events happened in the early days of April that are still nurturing me and that seem to represent a directional fine tuning of sorts. I will list them here in brief and return in later postings to go deeper into the significance of some of these experiences.

The First one relates to the work of Ronelle Coburn, who wrote Destiny at Your Fingertips. After hearing Angela Stokes-Monarch interview Ronelle on The Raw Food World Radio Show, I have begun slowly working with Ronelle and through her craft I have discovered the road map pointing toward the essential pieces of my purpose for being in physical embodiment on this gem of a planet marked up clear as sunlight on water as beautiful imprints on my fingers, thumb and hands. Imagine being immersed in a great energetic wave of energy while in the womb and being imprinted by creative intelligence with your own unique road map. These unique imprints manifest on our hands and feet during our fourth month in the womb. Well, I have only begun to decipher the map, however my discoveries thus far are jaw-dropping. I am in the midst of integrating some of these early discoveries and they are having quite an impact on the direction of things these days, including the writing of Living in Councilship. I will present Living in Councilship at the Alchemy Conference in September 2011 and so am working on a multi-media presentation. Such magic underway…

The second emerges from my explorations into food, the transformational power of raw living foods, and the power of joining with others in a holographic framework toward stewardship. I organized a Sustainable Feast event with conversation, living food, and a gift of original music. It was well received and timely. The enthusiasm and response to living foods witnessed that Saturday evening of April 2nd, was tremendous to behold. Many people organized themselves to learn more about eating raw and have made commitments to including more raw in their meals. It seems the next stage of interest is all about at home food gardens. So I am running with that theme along with others. This represents fulfillment of a lifelong dream to live in nurturing communities that are diverse and not bogged down by dogma.

Third, after an informative day at a USDA/FDA Labeling Conference, Laura Fox and I met up with friends at Cafe Green. I have wanted to meet DJ Kim for sometime and had sent an email ahead of time to let him know that Laura Fox was in town and would love to meet him and perhaps interview him. We didn’t hear from DJ, however the stars were aligned and he showed up. His story of healing with raw food is intense and all of his customers to his two successful restaurants are benefiting from his high integrity and desire to heal through the artistry of the foods he prepares. Listen for an interview with Laura Fox, DJ Kim and me on Visionary Culture Radio soon.

The fourth event is still registering quite an impact and that was my time at The Raw Food Institute’s first day of a program they offer called the Raw Immersion Program. The program is within the framework of the National Integrative Health Associates in DC (NIHA). Lisa Wilson is the nutritionist who heads up this program and she is a woman who knows what she is after and someone with whom I have instant admiration as a fellow human, mother, and professional helping others to heal from cancer and other life threatening ailments. I contacted Lisa to arrange a talk for Laura Fox of Visionary Culture Radio who is fast becoming an iconic figure in the Raw Food Movement. When I shared with Lisa that I am on a Juice Feast — she asked that I share my experiences with her group. My first thought was to say, NO, but a stronger YES careemed that old knee-jerk reaction to stay behind the scenes and I accepted her invite. That little bit of sharing with participants on their first day of the program was so inspiring that I want to continue doing more of the same. Lisa is executing a brilliant program focused on living foods, education, and clinical support which makes this immersion program unique. Lisa puts raw food into four categories: recreational, sensible, superior, and medicinal. And makes a distinction based on the four categories where on the living food spectrum one needs to focus to reach specific goals.

Fifth, in March, I dug more deeply into the inner shadow work and the will which began with the work of Assagioli. I have worked it more vigorously than ever and have found it to be purifying in its effect. This is my fourth time working through this seminal work.

Sixth, the sharing of the collaborative work of Bonnie Bell and David Todd as it shows up in the world as the GaiaStar Codex with others has been a profound oracle for our current times. Through Bonnie’s insight and intimacy with the emergence of each symbol, the codex has proven itself to be a potent message bearer and bringer for individual’s, organizations and situations. I feel called to be a gentle instigator of both its wider and diverse use. It is my wish that Bonnie will accept an invitation to give instruction on its highest use in the Fall of 2011.

Seventh, I co-facilitated an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium with the vivacious Heather on Sunday at All Souls Church, Unitarian. Heather is a co-chair for Green Souls at All Souls. My friend, Louise Green is a minister there and she has held this dream of bringing the symposium to All Souls for two years now. It finally happened. It was a wonderful way to share my birthday. There was an amazing gift of song by Jesse Scobie and his talented, heart infused band. They were quite accomplished and young. Jesse’s song is Our Sacred Power inspired by Alfredo Sfeir-Younis. Jesse performed his original song as a solo performance at the Sustainable Feast. However at All Souls, he brought the entire band as an offering to the symposium. I will share a link when the song is available for download. For now, you can join his Facebook page.

Eighth, Alfredo Sfeir-Younis is a dear and special companion in my life. His meticulous devotion to world peace and his role in the collective nourishes me in the deepest parts of my being. I feel honored to announce that a fall silent retreat with Alfredo is under consideration. It will be in a wilderness retreat setting in the USA. It will be held at little to no cost and is for those who wish to experience the power of silence supported by the full array of energies that Gaia provides. Our collective intention will aid our entry into the subtle power of our existence. The space is being provided to empower and quicken our clear and direct connection to our inner wisdom and the divine. Healthy raw and cooked vegan cuisine will be provided to nourish and support our bodies. To participate, please write of your interest to silentpeace.media@gmail.com. We will be active in our silence, so be prepared to open in new ways.

Ninth, David Berry, known Internationally for his work on sustainability, Co-founder of The Prayer Vigil for the Earth, and a friend who will sing a charming tune with the slightest provocation is now teaching meditation. Steeped in his irreverent style, yet grounded in his true to life experiences and meted out for those living in a mundane world. I attended his meditation last evening and witnessed his mastery at conveying liberating practices without dogma and pretense. This too inspired me.

Since writing this post, this spring day has gone from stormy to being graced with sunshine and now back to a canopy of gray clouds. So perfect to receive such cleansing, nourishing rains and then the balancing, penetrating rays of the sun so directly. What a blessing it is to live in a turned on world.

Sending my love strongly forward..