In the final days of 2011, I sit in front of my computer amazed at the transformation in my life and the life of others. My last post was of spring. The exuberance generated during spring flooded into a wild summer of movement spawned by the circumstances and needs of others.

In 2011 my daily attention was on inner healing, writing Living in Councilship, preparing for the Alchemy Conference and talks related to my writings, preparing for my part in The Awakened Leader course at the Institute for the Advancement of Service (IAS), my role within the Gaiafield council, my primary role within Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation and organizing the Awake and Aware conference. Two physical moves during the height of summer and a great deal of travel domestic and international to several countries came in the midst of these activities at summer’s end and through the fall.

It has been a tremendous ride and one great harvest!

What has emerged during 2011, is the will to live and act on what I know to be my unique and irreplaceable role as a human creature living on the earth at this time. Yes, human creature — one of the most liberating realizations to come out of Alfredo’s 108 days of silent retreat in Thailand. All of my foibles and accolades, experiences now and throughout my many lives, linkages in biological DNA, treasures from various spiritual lineages, journeys within soul families and the forms that all of my relationships have taken: siblings, mothers, fathers, lovers, friends, enemies, teachers, etc., lead to a distinct set of experiences. I see that there are contracts, vows, and all manner of obligations that have been constructed in this great drama taking place on the stage of life and that these great dramas continue to unfold. I see it in the constellation of friends and family that surround me.

Today, I have more willingness than ever to move toward liberation. This liberation is not for myself alone. I clearly see that liberation does not exist for oneself alone. Liberation is an all for one and one for all state of being. In 2008, it became clear to me that we can experience liberation in one generation. For many, this idea must seem impossible, yet I have lived and experienced the impossible becoming possible in this lifetime and today see the vehicle emerging for this kind of liberation.

In my close walk with Alfredo aka Cho Tab Khen Zambuling the core of my life purpose is expressing more clearly. The inner work is constant and the way of managing the content and the container or of bringing our spiritual equation into the material world has become well defined for us. And so, we are working with great love and impeccable attention on anchoring that foundation of being and doing in support of the mission. At the heart of the work is the healing of separation in ourselves and in the world.

This Autumn has been an auspicious one for me. I am now resolved to focus on the dharmic life, individually and collectively. This will alter the rhythm of my life and mode of my life. My arms are wide open as we welcome in another year at the fringes of the coming new era announced on September 21, 2007 by Cho Tab Khen Zambuling as an Era of Peace. It is the end of the rule of Empire.

Clearly, we are in a place of transition into the Era of Peace. The awakening of the young people assure us that the core energy has awakened to move us swiftly through the structures which must give way as the new ones rise. The image I was given earlier in the year was the process by which we experience the loss of our baby teeth to that of our mature set of teeth. The new foundation emerges for our next stage of collective experience is in itself cause for the ensuing transformation. That foundation consists of the unique frequency each of us carry as a complete harmonic that forms the new. All are called.

Now that we have officially crossed into the winter season, I am going deep into this short period of calm to recalibrate my senses and integrate the new light gifted to me this year.

Playing our unique role at this time is essential during times of transition. I encourage all of you to hone in on the frequency of your unique way of expressing from the origin of being. Be true, be true to your inner calling and honor the distinct roles of others. Do no harm. Do not compare or covet the unique existence of another. All here have a role to play in the larger scheme of life.

Walk with us into a New Era of Peace on Earth.