Honoring the Sacred in YOUR shared life..

One of the most sacred moments in your life is the day you will say, I DO.

It is time to re-imagine the power of Marriage in our lives as an expression of our choice to heal, awaken, become more whole in the way we express in the world and provide a healthy legacy for future generations.

Vows are binding and are not to be taken lightly. In our current lives, it is high time to examine the alchemical fires of marriage as a path to reclaim what is of intrinsic value and embody ones most transcendent values.

When you say I DO, will your VOWS express what you value and allow room for discovering your most transcendent values?

Let’s talk — I find great joy in supporting couples in creating an enduring relationship that thrives and unfold into the more true and more real within the sacred space or temenos of their marriage.