Announcing a monumental event in my group life!

For many years now, I have been apart of a tight circle of women. We are a group of five women connected virtually as the GaiaStarGals (GSG). Our work together is based on the real sky metrics. You can learn more about this blend of astrology and astronomy by Donna Provancher at her website. And yes, this is the group where I have delved into the 13th constellation for those of you who have heard me discuss Ophiuchus and its relevance to the feminine. As you will learn from Donna’s writings, astrology and astronomy were practiced as one science.

In recent weeks, Donna has externalized her work and is now offering her work in the world more directly. I am now referring all who are interested in keeping tabs on our Celestial Sky to Donna’s website, With the full consent of the GSG, Donna has outed the Gaia Star Gals and reveals our cursory story. You can read an archival piece that gives an example of the nature of our work written by me some years ago. Donna was digging through our GSG archives and felt this report was worth sharing and we all agreed. The article is Planetary Healer ‘Y’ Posture.  Indeed, I am the enigmatic Eridawni.

To learn more more, click on the link that follows:

Recently, Celia Fenn has shared and referenced Donna’s Real Sky reports in some of her You Tube videos and blog posts. Many are discovering a wealth of information on Donna’s website. I am certain you will too. Please go check it out…

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a trio of awesome solar phenomena on August 1. A sunspot gave rise to a solar flare which erupted nearly simultaneously with a huge magnetic filament. A solar tsunami can also be seen emanating from the flare.

The different events seem to be all part of one enormous, complex, interconnected solar eruption that occupies nearly the entire face of the sun. In the video above, four different views of the events in different radiation wavelengths are shown in sequence, and different phenomena can be seen more prominently in some wavelengths.

The event also caused a coronal mass ejection to head directly toward earth, which may mean people in the northern latitudes will be treated to auroras around August 3.


Video: Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory/NASA


We believe Serena recommended this link… — Myra visits this site daily for the space images and news on the real sky.

Worth offered her recommendation for a site she uses daily. – it is a site of the late Ian Lungold whose memories I hold fond.