“Crisis Mythology” – Essays and Conversation with Myra Jackson, Dan De Lion & Willi Paul. Produced by Planetshifter.com Media


3 Essays on Crisis Mythology
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Introduction –

Vajra (See illustration. In Sanskrit it means thunderbolt and diamond) refers to an important sacred tool and ritual implement in Vajrayana Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantra where it symbolizes the male principle of creation … in religious practice. When made to be worn as a pendant, it reminds the wearer, and the viewer, of the supreme indestructibility of knowledge. In the tantric traditions of Buddhism, the Vajra also symbolizes the nature of reality, or Sunyata.”

“Our life on this earth is a true gift and great opportunity to experience our co-creative abilities and the manifestation of our dreams right in front of our eyes. I see us evolving towards an existence where we start remembering our ‘ancient future’ and the highly developed cultures that existed before us. May we be able to use their powerful knowledge again and learn from their mistakes in order to take our existence towards one of a global peaceful coexistence with the highest values of ethics, dignity, and wellbeing in place for ALL. More and more discoveries of these Ancients are being made and publicly shared, and it appears that there is a definitive and perceivable link between these various cultures, which might have existed at different moments in time, yet have shared a very specific basic common knowledge. This seems to be pointing towards the possibility of a once existing global society. I like to think that we are about to rediscover its secrets and that humanity will be returning to that.” – Martina Hoffman, Painter

3 Essays on Crisis Mythology –

Essay by Willi Paul

‘Many in my circle view the current smoldering meanderings from the old myths as in dire need of a refreshed power center – free from the burden of the withering storylines in old plots, online game slaughters, and our twittering kindergardens. But myth needs a new spiritual search engine to go with the Internet. This new story base and vision map is permaculture, new alchemy and the sense of the sacred that comes with it.’ – Mother, Sun, and the Compost Pile (W. Paul, 2011)

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Crisis mythology is embedded with the corrupt business values and religionist hypocrisy in our Chaos Era. New myths are bouncing and deflecting like a pinball. Celebrities give us manufactured quips as product slogans; corporate symbols are depthless logos on tee shirts. Crisis or activist mythology is rooted in survivalism and citizen protest movements.

I am a Chaos-Era Mythologist crawling in Jung’s unconscious – conscious caverns, bending light to speak to what is coming next. My journey tackles present day issues like GMO’s, climate change and extinction, but is also a living barometer of times to come. My task is to build a new set of symbols, stories and re-engineer the archetypes in play.

This conscious – unconscious realm includes the power of music and the collective community concert experience that must awakened to ignite new crisis mythology initiations. Furthermore, new crisis myths must include social media, as myth is most powerful as a real-time, collaborative experience and much less powerful on a static page. Active dreaming is active new myth making.

Activists in the Permaculture and Transition Movements are localizing our communities, changing our consumption patterns and partnering with Nature to debunk the corporate sell. New symbols and traditions are emerging.

Apocalyptic myths are a vision or bridge between old myths and new myths – what’s coming next? Myths of the end time are 120 minute movies. Technology and science will not save us. Community is now the hero, not the individual.

Crisis myths are often driven by our demands to defend Nature and to build a just and toxic free global community. Activists can develop new crisis mythologies using the 12 Elements of Modern Mythology (W. Paul, 2015):

1. Para-normal
2. Universal struggle
3. Journey, Initiation, Community as Hero
4. Symbols
5. Alchemy
6. Nature is Sacred
7. Threat of apocalypse
8. Digital – Non-Digital Collision
9. Future/ Sci-Fi-based
10. Permaculture and Transition
11. New ritual and tradition
12. Rewilding

‘ The Permaculture King loves his solar-topped cob hut, the seasons and the compost stains on his feet and legs. His challenge isn’t in the constant weeding and planting and harvesting, but the struggle to get the word out, to get out of the garden and tell the planet’s peeps how to do the permaculture! Alas, we are all like the King – shining; running round and round in our local days with our Atlas-like dreams.’ – The Permaculture King (W. Paul, New Myth #4, 2010)

Essay by Myra Jackson

I am a Mystic who bears the title of Diplomat of the Biosphere and Planetary Steward awarded by Stockholm Resilience Centre. Both titles suggest agency and relationship in the form of care and respect for the planetary being – Gaia. As one who is devoted to linking the wellness of people and planet as an entry point to the great restoration of humanity’s broken bonds with nature ~ I feel these titles are a stellar fit for me.

These days while hanging out in the Biosphere, with great regularity I think of Einstein’s displacement theory. I am in an incessant search for evidence that a fundamental change in our collective way of thinking and perceiving will bring about much needed creative changes within the fabric of life. In my view, there is a major displacement in the collective world view underway that is elevating the human condition. It is a form of Metanoia and it is sponsored by Gaia – the Great Mother herself. This movement in the way we see our world is changing our relationship with the Earth and with each other. In its most visible form the change is happening at the center of all human activity – food, water and environment.

For all life on this jewel of a planet, Earth is the primary metric and the vehicle for our collective transformation. We are evidence of her Grace and the common heritage of Earth’s ecosystem are gifts to us all.

Our crisis is spewing forth the Prima Materia needed to bring us into a new epoch and mature us as a species. Such times call for the Entrepreneur (translated as undertaker) as an agent who recognizes what seeks to die and knows how to clear and open space to allow for that spent life force to reverently consign itself to its final rest. And then, give cover into that fecund space for the subtleties of seeds encoded with the new to take form. These are creative acts on the edge of the in breath and out breath of embodiment on the Earth.

I see evidence that we have birthed an Age of Creativity where power-over structures benefiting a few have been outed and through disclosure can no longer hide their true ambitions to serve self alone. What is supported is power that cooperates and collaborates with others and harmonizes in council with the Earth.

It is a worthy undertaking to answer the call to create the community spaces where nature and nurture join to reclaim our wild hearts and blow open the doors to our senses that delights in life.

We can be sure that this call to return to our original inheritance will attract scores of subtle activists, alchemists, sirens and sacred synthesizers who move and dance in the quantum field where change occurs in an instant. All are called to create from the Aether from which fire, air, water and earth elementals emerge in the midst of the wailing death throes from an unyielding, unsustainable world and its spoils.

To view the Earth from its biosphere, the solutions to our most deeply entrenched challenges and the thinking that perpetuates our sense of separation, suddenly, seems clear as we are flooded with a sense of biophilia that washes over us, in the way, Oxytocin bonds us to our birth mothers.

And with that feeling of connection that her luminous raiment supports, we see, Permaculture visible as a great activity of hands and hearts in which our collective wound of disassociation from nature is nurtured and restored whole. In the many luminous threads, we see the idea of dirt and bugs salvaged from the shadows and embraced as fertile and rich with microbial life rather than denied as untouchable. We see a growing realization that diversity harmonizes and a great turning inward to make peace with the microbes within the gut and the outer ecology of the Earth. We see the [hashtag], #BlackLivesMatter becomes the canary-like tweet heard across the globe as the moniker that uplifts ALL lives, in a way that enlivens the latent treasury of evolutionary information from mitochondrial Eve herself.

If Earth is a primary metric of Human Wellness, what do we need to measure?

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Essay by Dan De Lion

What is Activist / Crisis Mythology to you?

To me it seems that the old myth of humans getting banished from Eden has become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy of a fundamental and perhaps suicidal disconnection from nature, source, which ends up instilling the belief that human behaviors and actions are of a corrupt nature, and that human is somehow less than divine.

Within this realization, it is very possible and necessary to develop a new mythology which recasts us out of the original sin idea, and gives some credit to the goodness of the human species. One way I see this banishment being historically enacted is in the way that our ancient ancestors were perhaps seeking resolution to a problem that they felt; which at the time, was waking up to having fallen from a hunter gatherer lifestyle into sedentary agrarian and therefore stationary and rote people, they felt that something was lost, that literally they had fallen.

A recasting came in the 19th century in the form of “natural philosophers” where science tried to rebel its way out of this disconnection from human-as-nature, and fought for the freedom to recast the perennial question; what is nature? And what is man’s relation to nature?

The likes of Copernicus, Darwin and other explorers sought to see a new human arise by studying nature, and indeed it did. Yet, what we have concluded once again is a flawed perception that we get from this age of scientism. When the smoke was all clear, we have been given the paradigm of a dead and meaningless universe that does not breathe or live, and surely does not speak. Neo-Darwinists developed a system of thinking which Darwin apparently was said to never agree with and the “survival of the fittest” projection was fully claimed to be indeed the behavior of nature and therefore of man.

Out of this, another human projection upon nature which gives rise to social justification for an oppressive class structure, the birth of social Darwinism, hierarchical structure, Tyranny, and the exploitation of far off resources based on capitalistic economy of the same principle. We now see a culture which believes it’s only inherent nature to be bad and flawed, or at the very least not to be trusted and therefore watched over by a law enforcement. Yet, above law is the sense of ethic; cause and effect, the careful study of consequence, the law of karma. The misperception that humans have created, is thought to be a reality, but is actually a projection of a confused and greedy type of human.

New Potentials of Ecological Myths

One of the long forgotten, yet most potent ideas now on the table is that of symbiosis. This is the interrelation of individual organisms to work together to provide a benefit greater than each organism could ever do on their own. The willingness to compromise, to work together, to share resources, and this is also just as fundamental to our nature as human beings. In Nature, symbiotic relationships are just as persistent of the theme as ideas like survival of the fittest.

To look to the relationship between bacteria, mushrooms, plants, and the soil building process is to see that without an organized working and structuring together none of the survival of any individual species is possible. In fact, we are learning here from our ancestors; the oldest living organisms on earth. Surely, they have the long term vision, and it is one of a shareware economy.

We as humans, at this very time on earth, must be careful to wake up and realize that the glasses we hold over nature is a projection, and it is called culture. We do indeed create our culture, and we create our culture through language and ideas; myth. For our survival as a species, and for many of the organisms to survive the human being phenomenon, we must discern between projecting our belief systems onto the way nature “behaves.

Through mass advertisement, the illusion of convenience, humans largely have fell into the inability to recognize the crisis we are in, as well as a great forgetting of the power humans have in the situation to change it. And yet, there are tremendous forces working towards this remembering.

A deeply touching example of the power that we do have is with animals which were labeled as extinct, with the help of humans, were brought back to wild populations. This serves as one of many powerful reminders of human capacity to bring change and make tremendous effects on the ecosystem.

One such story is of the California condor which was an endangered species for over 25 years before it now again has numbers released into the wild. That is a huge effort for something that only takes a few gallons of gas and an afternoon of habitat destruction with modern machines.

“Los Angeles (CNN) — Almost 25 years after the California condor went extinct in the wild and dwindled to just 27 birds in captivity, North America’s largest flying bird is on the verge of a watershed moment: Its total population is projected to hit 400 this spring, including 200 birds thriving in the wild. Apr 26, 2011.”

Out of this crisis the human species is entering, there is yet a blessing in disguise. The blessing that we have is that with each day, as the devastation and destruction shown to us by our own media becomes more prominent in the lives of humans, the more we will all desire for a new way to arise. It literally is and will be the resistance softener.

Developing new memes for the culture

“A meme is to an idea as a gene is to DNA” – Terence McKenna

A meme is an idea which is the most packeted element of that idea. Thing that once you see, you not only understand, you vision. You see literally what someone means. This is like a genetic upgrade of ideas, essentially this technological application is like a neo-biological function.

We are currently in a process of self-hypnosis with digital media, unconsciously programming culture through the meme. What I propose is to actually spread the meme you wish to see; that this can be done consciously. Cultural programming through potentials of mass dispersion of the packet of data in one glance.

If we simply had the awareness power to collectively overpower the image hypnosis that our current culture is currently working under, eventually it would generate the collectivity, to overpower the old ways; a kind of aikido of symbology.

New rituals

One Option for all of us is that we can bring any kind of request for a sentence and an image that expresses the new potential of being, to the best that you can envision it, into our meditation and time in nature. To literally turn the spiritual and ecological vision inside out and into the culture we live in. And the stage is so ripe that if it’s a good idea and people like it, millions will spread it. This is perhaps a dawning practical and potent way of activism; a way of exfoliating the culture with new ideas, images and words that excite people, and get them motivated for change and transformation. Good ideas always overtake ones that are less functional once they are spread.

We now have the fastest information spreading technology that our culture has ever had a hold of. This is an odd but unique potential to bring magic through the technology that we have received. And yes, like all tools it has the potential for both negativity and benefit. Yet entirely, it is Gaia’s gift to us. Somehow we built her in silicone, and the new temple is awakening.

One choice changes the whole world.

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